Engadget has revealed that Dell has finally made it’s slick Adamo 13 better and cheaper.  This was the main contender to the Macbook Air for me in the ultraportable field, when I was looking for a new laptop, but six months ago, the Adamo was a pretty but sluggish and overpriced rip-off:  $2000 bought you a slow processor, 2GB of RAM, and a tiny SSD.  Now they’ve bumped the processor to 2.1GHz Dual Core processor with 4GB and 128GB on the SSD.  It’s also got similar screen resolution, Wifi and Bluetooth capability, and only really takes a hit on the battery, where it’s averaging 5 hours for a charge, rather than the seven for the Air.  At least the Dell has one thing the Air doesn’t: a backlight keyboard — something the Macbook Air had in its last iteration.

So if you aren’t thrilled with the cult-like Mac fans, the strangely controlling attitude of Apple, and/or want to stick with the very-stable and (I think) easy to use Windows 7, this might be your Macbook killer.  If the Adamo 13 had been out in this configuration at this price a few months back, I’d be typing on another Dell.