Father Colin James “Mac” McEveney, S.J.

Born 10 May 1971, Colin is the first of six kids to Joseph and Mary McEveney of Pittsburgh. His father is a city councilman and former city worker, his mother is a 911 supervisor. He has several uncles — a priest, policeman, fireman, fire department chief; his three brothers are a police lieutenant and detective, a fireman, and a Democratic Party staffer in Chicago. His sisters Meave and Caroline are respectively a schoolteacher in Monroeville, and administrative assistant to a Pittsburgh city councilman (not his father.

Colin was an altar boy, and early on was torn between two callings — the military and the church. He simply knew he wanted to serve his fellow man. He attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, a top-rated Catholic school for philosophy and graduated in 1992. He joined the seminary in 1993 after taking a year to assist his local diocese and gaining the priest’s recommendation. He travelled to Innsbruch, Austria to train at the Collegium Canisianum — a Jesuit school with a long tradition of turning out scholarly, respected and influential men of God. Father Colin is a member of the Societus Iesu, a Jesuit, sometimes called “God’s Marines.”

He was an aide to the Archbishop of New York from 1999 to 2001, when the attacks on the World Trade Center occurred. His rectory was only blocks away and he was one of the first priests to arrive on the scene. He aided in rescue and performed last rites for those found dead. Afterward, he gained permission from the archbishop to join the US Navy as a chaplain.  Lieutenant McEveney served two tours in Afghanistan, counseling marines and special forces operators in the country, and saw direct action several times. He served another tour in Iraq, then at the naval base in Bahrain. On his last tour of service in Iraq, he encountered a creature killing the locals in the Kurdish areas of Iraq. He attempted to exorcise the  monster, but failed; he only drove it off. It forever changed his path. When he finished his term of service in the navy, he was approached by Father Gabriel Amorth and Father Jeremy Davies, who brought him into the International Association of Exorcists and trained him to fight monsters…

Father Colin was brought into the Institute for External Affairs, on paper part of the Secretariat of State, but mostly used by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — formerly the Inquisition. For the IEA, Father Mac has been hunting both dark creatures and conducting investigations of trouble inside the priesthood. He has been called “the James Bond of the Vatican” by some of his detractors for his secret duties, his flashy style, and his dispensation from obedience to the local dioceses.

He is based out of the Vatican, but travels frequently on his missions. He is highly educated, intelligent, and caring, but he has a few fatal flaws — he lacks humility, is vain, and is a bit showy for a priest. His Jesuitical allegiances make him unpopular with some in the clergy.

Agility d6   Strength d6   Vitality d8   Alertness d8   Intelligence d10   Willpower d10

Life Points 18   Initiative d6+d8   Endurance d8+d10   Resistance 2d8   Lifestyle d4 [d6 with expense account]

Assets: Contacts d6, Expense Account d4, Faith d6, Higher Education d4, Ordained d4

Complications: Addiction to alcohol d4,  Duty d8, Hunted d8, Insatiable Curiosity d4, Vain d4

Skills: Athletics d6, Covert d6, Discipline d6 (Morale d8, Reisistance d8), Drive d4, Guns d4, Influence d6, Knowledge d6 (Religion d10), Lore d6, Melee Combat d4, Perception d6, Performance d4, Science d2, Unarmed Combat d4