Jerry’s dad is a former army officer turned investment banker; his mother is a schoolteacher. The family’s done well throughout his life and he’s a lazy, spoiled brat. He’s smart however and before computers really took off had leveraged his computer skills into a steady job doing IT and security support around the world. (He’s in his mid-30s.) He’s a geek — he plays RPGS, collects toys and comics, knows the lines to every sci-fi movie, and is a big horror fan. In his spare time, Jerry is a ghost hunter, trolling around the “haunted houses” of New York City and New Jersey.

Yes, he’s kissed a girl, and even had a girlfriend. Yes, he’s had sex…with girls.

Jerry has a toy collection worth more than his house. He hates Mac fanbois, loves Google, Ubuntu, and open source stuff. He hates the redone Star Wars movies, and thinks LOTR is the shit. He’s studied just enough martial arts, kendo, and shot guns to be dangerous to himself and others.

Jerry is 6’2″, 270ish pounds with receding red-blond hair, blue eyes behind heavy glasses, and tends to wear sports jerseys and pants, and hoodies because they’re comfortable for people his size.

Agility d6   Strength d8   Vitality d6, Alertness d8, Intelligence d8, Willpower d6

Life Points: 12   Initiative d6+d8   Endurance 2d6   Resistance 2d6

Assets: Gear head [d4], Reputation, computer security and ghost hunters d2; Tech Expert d4, Uncommon Knowledge d2 (he’s an expert in all things geek and especially horror and Lovecraftian “lore”.)

Complications: Absent Minded d2, Dull Sense, Nearsighted d4; Insatiable Curiosity d4, Overweight d2, Stingy/Mooch d4

Skills: Artistry d2, Athletics d2, Covert d4, Craft d4, Drive d2, Guns d4, Influence d4, Knowledge d4, Lore d4, Melee Weapons d2, Perception d4, Science d2, Tech d6 (Computer Systems d10, Hacking d10), Unarmed Combat d2