Luisa is the only daughter to Roberto DellaMarina or Rome, a real estate broker, and his second wife, Reina Pavahli, an Iranian-born vinter in the Etruscan region of Italy who escaped the Islamic Revolution (the family was Maronite Christian and her father a poet of note.) Her grandmother is alive and living in Switzerland, her cousins live in the United States.

She was born in Milan in 1980, and has two half-brothers, Paolo and Marco, both who live in Rome, and whom she is on decent terms with. Schooled at an expensive Benedictine-run girls school near the Vatican, and while intelligent and a good student, she was frequently subject to discipline for being willful and mischievous (although she suspects the nun that took the most relish in her punishment was secretly interested in her.)

She attended the University of Rome from 1997-2000 and graduated with a degree in history and religious studies. She went to graduate school for archeology at the University of Siena from 2000-2005. She specialized in sacred archeology, and in particular Catholic artifact and archeological restoration. As a result, she was hired by the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archeology in 2006 as a restorer, and later as a researcher. Her connection to the Institute for External Affairs began with support research for an exorcism that too place in Romania, but over the years she has increasingly worked as support for IEA priests in the field. She has a reputation for being highly competent, and a very fast researcher, but a bit of a cold fish. She lives in a very nice flat for her income, thanks to her father’s rental company, and also has a room at her mother’s place in the country. She usually has a few cases of her mother’s wines in her pantry.

She hides her personal life from view of her co-workers as her moral turpitude clause in her contract could be an issue…Luisa is a lesbian, and until recently has been particularly promiscuous. She has had a number of girlfriends that might be considered “high-profile” to certain denizens of the internet. (She’s dated a quasi-famous Czech porn star for several years.) Currently, she is trying monogamy with her roommate — a nun with the Visitation Order, Sister Agnes (nee Marianne) Jean Duchamps, a smart architectural major who took her vows a few years ago. Sister Agnes (or Marianne to Luisa) does not have to live cloistered due to her order and her work for the PCSA. While the women think their relationship is a secret, there are several of their workmates that suspect.

Luisa likes the finer things — she is a food aficionado (but does not cook) and a connoisseur of wines, art, and clothing. She likes to dress well and has a taste for Persian (never “Iranian”, “Persian”) jewelry, poetry, art, and pre-revolution culture. Due to her family’s treatment by the ayatollahs, she has a barely concealed hatred of Islam. She is passingly religious, Catholic after a fashion (like most modern Italians), but does believe in the supernatural. The people she works with have encountered it too many times. (She has noted an uptick in supernatural events over the last five years…but has yet to puzzle out the reason.)

Agility d6   Strength d6   Vitality d6   Alertness d10   Intelligence d10   Willpower d6

Life Points 12   Initiative d6+d10   Endurance d6+d10   Resistance 2d6

Assets: Allure d2, Higher Education d4, Natural Linguist d4

Complications: Dark Secret d4, Dull Sense, Nearsighted d2, Insatiable Curiosity d4, Klutzy d4, Lustful d4

Skills: Athletics d4, covert d4, Craft d4, Discipline d4, Drive d2, Influence d6, Knowledge d6 (Archeology d10, History d10, Linguistics d8), Lore d6 (Mythology d10), Perception d6 (Investigation d8, Search d8), Science d4, survival d2, Tech d6


She gets her looks from her mother, rather than her father, who was red-haired and is now balding and a bit fat. Her mother is still very good-looking. Her brothers are both reddish-brown and curly-haired and blue eyed.