A fortnight ago, we had our second Supernatural “episode” (what i call a complete story, rather than a game session.) We started with an action-packed teaser in the deep Congo, where Father MacEveney — the “James Bond of the Vatican” — and Father Canovas, his protege exorcist, have been dispatched by the Occidental Diocese in the country to investigate cannibalism against the Mbuti pygmies by the security forces of an international mining concern. They find the culprits are nephilim — the children of the “sons of God” and women of Earth. They’re giants (7-8 footers), powerful…and can’t be exorcised; they’re living creatures, not demons, and they stay immortal on the flesh of men. The priests have to remove them from the mortal coil the old fashioned way…not their MO. Canovas was captured in media res and questioned by the nephilim, and Mac wound up using their land Rover to stage a clumsy “rescue”, that involved burning down the colonial style mansion the baddies were living in, and having to injure them with quickly blessed holy water from stew pots. Mac blessed a machette to obvious purpose. they wound up killing one, maybe two of the creatures, but one is still on the loose so he can recur as a villain.

Cut to Leo Parkes, the former FBI agnet haunted by his dead son and others. He is in the worse neighborhood in Baltimore locating a runaway and gets into a car chase on snowy streets — the locals want his cherry ’68 Mustang fastback, but their black spray-painted SC430 (with great rims, of course) can’t handle one of the turns. Parkes winds up finding and returning the girl, and getting the thugs arrested. On the way home, he gets a call from the annoying Jerry Neimann.

Our red-haired, fat, comic/game/computer geek has been busy with his Ghost Chasers website, and has unwittingly been providing information to a Parkes stalker (we’ll resolve this next time, I hope.) He calls because a friend of his has a cousin he has gone missing. The girl is Chinese, has been in and out of institutions since the death of her mother (who drove herself into the Passaic River), but the psychologists always found her sane. The family hasn’t made her disappearance public, but her cousin pushes the matter. Neimann calls PArkes to help find her, and having seen video of the girl talking in tongues, bounced the cell video to Father Mac, who is sent to exorcise her.

Along the way they discover the family knew that instead of being mad, she is haunted by a huli jing — a fox spirit or demon — that was offended by a female member of the family two generations ago. The critter drives the women mad. they also feed on the essence of learned men around them. They finally all manage to get together and are trying to find the girl, who has run away to Brooklyn to make contact with a mendicant in the family who has a Chinese curio and medicine shop in Manhattan’s Chinatown.