We finished the latest episode of our Supernatural game, in which the characters are looking for a missing girl haunted by a huli jing (fox demon.) This was one of the most warped and funny nights of gaming in a long time. They investigate the missing girl’s whereabouts, checking her motel, then linking up with her cousin, a Chinese curio shop/mendicant guy in Chinatown. they arrive to find the older man having sex with the huli jing — it will steal his “essence” and kill him this way — but they interrupt. A short fight erupts, and the girl they are looking for enters in the middle. Father Canovas and she escape while Father MacEveney gets knocked around a bit before it escapes. they use a Chinese technique for breaking the spell the creature has over the girl, but it’ll be back.

They wind up setting a trap for it. They manage to secure the girl in the local rectory near the WTC monument and wait for it to come to them. It catches them in a super-expensive, but run-down Irish bar near the WTC visitor center (if you know the area, you can probably figure out the one I mean.) The huli jing shows up as a lycra-dress wearing temptress and Parkes, the drunken FBI guy who sees ghosts, gets tipped off by his ghost son as to which one she is. He manages to get her so drunk that they stumble into the bathroom.

The following was one of the most disgustingly funny bits in gaming in recent memory. The falling down drunk Parkes winds up having sex with the critter, which turns into its fox form, it’s so drunk (and allows them to cut it’s tail off, ending the curse.) But it was much much worse than that.

In the end, they find a file folder waiting in Parkes hotel room with clippings and forensics photos from grisly murders from around the world that are similar to the case that made his name. The “Avenging Angel” killer was executed in 1998, but weeks later Parkes own family was killed by a copycat. One of the scenes is similar to that of Father Canovas’ mother’s murder by his possessed father…they have a common enemy.

That’s the lead in to get them chasing the main villain, while helping folks worldwide.