It’s been a hellishly busy couple of weeks. The daughter’s on a massive growth spurt (an inch in a fortnight) and is teething, I finished my certification work to teach history and political science at the University of Phoenix’s Albuquerque campus, and knocked out a chapter for my dissertation. I had to take this past week’s gaming and the weekend off just to maintain my sanity.

I’ve had an offer to work on another game book for a certain game publisher, but I’m looking at getting into my next project — one that, if I can get the funding in order, will lead to a new game product under the Black Campbell label titled (tentatively) Double Aught. Right now, I’m in the process of trying to work out artists and I may already have a layout guy lined up. I will be doing the research, (re)design, and writing for the game. The goal is to have it on the shelves next year, with the pdf coming sometime earlier than that.

I don’t want to do the dickish “we’ll pay you later” or “it’ll get your name out there” thing most of the game companies like to do, so I’m not to the point of putting together contract work yet. I’m hoping I can get a sense of the interest in the product from the blog — so if you are a regular reader, a fan of the James Bond fan material here and think you might be looking for something familiar, but new and fresh…well, I’d appreciate comments. Once the initial rules are wirtten, I’ll be looking for a limited number of playtesters, who will get access to the game’s raw files once ready, and would get a free pdf once it’s put together.

I’m not promising time to market, right now; there’s a lot of other issues to hammer out and I’ve got the dissertation work, teaching, and child care to budget my time around…but I think a working copy of the rulesset by end of summer should be doable.

If you’re interested in the