Pressed by economic realities of the Great Depression, Hudson decided to create a cheaper alternative to their Essex line:  the Terraplane.  It was introduced by Amelia Earhardt, and it the favored car of gangster John Dillinger.

The Terraplane came with an inline-6 cylinder motor, or an optional 4-liter inline-8.  Powerful and reliable (the Terraplane 8 set a record for the Pike Peak climb that wasn’t broken for 20 years…), the Terraplane is one of those vintage names that don’t come up much and provide a bit of flavor for a 1930s pulp game.


Size: 2   Def: 4   Struc: 8   Struc: 80 (90 for the I-8 engine)   Han: 0   Crew: 1   Pass: 4   Cost: $600 ($700 for the I-8 version)