This is a repository for some of the short fiction pieces I’ve written over the years.  some are done, some might simply be drafts for things I was working on and simply did not finish for whatever reason.  These are copywritten:  please don’t repost them, but feel free to direct people here to look at them.

The short stories here now are:

Ectopic Man :  A quasi-science fiction piece written in 1999.  It revolves around a man’s recollections of the first man to be artificial impregnated.

In the Beginning :  A fragment of what was to be a novel, before I got distracted by life.  Looking back at it, there’s a lot going on here, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I was planning on going with it.

Just a Series of Moments :  Written shortly after my father died, it’s an attempt to exorcise some of the feelings I had regarding him,  Alzheimer’s (a truly hateful disease!), and a host of other things banging around my head at the time.

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