This was a fantastic set of rules produced by Decipher, which unfortunately left the line to languish and die.  I worked with Daniel Potter on these netbooks (I wrote, he fact-checked me and did the layouts.)

Alien Compendium :  This is a collection of aliens to be used as characters.  they are mostly from the early movies.

Artilects : A sourcebook to allow players to have android or machine life characters.

Martial Arts Manuevers for various styles.

Rules for sex and pregnancy.  Why?  you ask?  Because my players were freaks!  (chuckle…)

4 Responses to “Star Trek (Decipher)”

  1. Maria Says:

    Scott – it is people like you who keep the game going for CODA enthusiasts like me ! Your Artilects supplement is a masterpiece !

    I’m working on a Martial Arts moves document for Decipher, inspired by yours, and I was wondering… where did you find all the names and descriptions of the signature moves of Muay Thai and Capoeira ?

    I’ve studied Muay Thai for 12 years, and your work is bang-on as to how that particular fighting art should function in the game.

    A job very well done !

    1. Thanks for the complements, Maria, and thanks for having a look at the site. I was a big fan of the Decipher Star Trek stuff, and — while not a Trek “fan”, myself — ran the game for almost 6 years! The martial arts maneuvers were arrived at through a combination of research and some familiarity with the styles. My main areas of study were aikido and krav maga (and a liberal helping of fuk yu! [the Scottish martial art]) — but I got to see some of the various styles used.

      Muay Thai is a vicious and fairly effective style, but I always thought it was way too high impact to be good for the practitioner. It is, however, the perfect “tough guy” form, and an excellent bit of characterization. “Watch out for this guy, he does Muay Thai! He’s tough!” Capoeira is one of those forms that is gorgeous to watch, flashy, but when they strip it down to the essentials, it’s dirty street fighting disguised as dance (which allows the Brazilian slaves to practice their fighting style without the plantation owners knowing what they were up to.) I’m rather fond of Savate, myself — it’s another of those no-bullshit forms, like krav maga or defendu, that concentrates on doing the most it can with the least flash; it’s a dockyard style from teh 19th century combining boxing and toe-kicks in steel toed boots — very very effective. (Combined with Muay Thai or one of the leg-heavy kung fu styles, it would be hard to beat, I think…)

      I looked over your stuff on Pat’s site after he mentioned you. The adjustments to the damage in the ST combat system were well thought but a definitely necessary — the system was designed for hand to hand, not powerful beam and projectile weapons. I had originally thought about lowering the number of injury categories, but adding the +20 to a lot of the damages works better, I think.

      I had been working on a second Artilects book that was tied to my post-movies Trek campaign where androids and sentient starships were the norm in Starfleet. (I’ve always hated the one off quality of Data in TNG.) It was Trek meets the Singularity, and it was running brilliantly, until the Federation was more like Bank’s “Culture”. Hopefully, I’ll get around to doing more for Decipher Trek, but right now I’m mostly focused on the James Bond and Battlestar Galactica stuff.

  2. Maria Says:

    Scott, I cannot take credit for most of the house rules and systems expansions I’ve sent to Patrick. They were actually worked out by my partner and GM, Tamanny.

    We like a very cinematic, flamboyant action-movie type campaign. What GURPS calls a “four color” campaign. So most of our rules mods are meant to reflect this, giving the PCs a pretty solid edge over the dice.

    I have one PC who practices a combination of Muay Thai, Capoeira, and Klingon Mok’bara. She’s pretty formidable.

    You should do another set of Martial Arts moves for Decipher. And include Krav Maga. That would be very interesting to see.

  3. Maria Says:

    We tried the sex rule !

    Which is why I’m giggling as I type !

    Well done set of rules. And a lot of fun.

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