This is a collection of my non-fiction pieces, most of which are historical in nature.  These are copywritten, original pieces and may not be reposted without my permission.  If you care to use them in other works, please use the appropriate citations and give credit where it’s due and let me know that you are doing so.

A Place in the Sun :  Written in 2004, this was a preliminary version of ideas that were coming together for my master’s thesis.  It is a review of the Italian colonial experience in Africa.

Captain Richard F Burton: Victorian Archetype .  A short(ish) biography of the famed explorer and soldier.

Future of the Archives .  A thought piece on the changing nature of archives, from older medium to the new electronic media.

Mimetics: A Biosociological Model of Culture.  Written in 2003.

The Machine in American Culture .  A 2008 paper on the history of machines and their cultural impact on the United States.

The Reluctant Imperialist: Italian Colonization in Somalia .  My master’s thesis, produced in 2005.  It covers the initial colonization of the are from 1893, as a commercial pursuit of the Filonardi Company, until the government takeover in 1905.

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