One skill suggested by the rulebook, but glossed over in James Bond: 007 RPG is languages.  It’s one of those skills that Bond never has a problem with — like the explorer Richard Burton, he just always seems to know the local lingo.

For real agents, that’s not so.  in fact, one of the main skills looked for by intelligence agencies is languages…the big ones are Arabic, Farsi, Korean, and Mandarin.  One (cheaper) option is make the languages a Field of Experience.  They have, at least, a working fluency in the language and never have issues with communications.  This would negate a good chance at role playing and deprive the GM of an excellent obstacle for the players — misunderstandings and/or complicatiosn caused by lack of communication.

The other is make them skills.  I favor this option.  This would mean characters would have to buy a Language [specify] and drop points in.  Charisma rolls would be effected by the language skill — I will often shift the Ease Factor of a charisma or seduction test based on the success of a language test.  Get a Quality Rating of Excellent might give a +1EF, or Very Good or Good your normal EF with modifiers, an Average would impose a -1EF on the charisma test, and a failure would mean you could simply not communicate your meaning.