The stats aren’t wildly different between this vehicle and the one that would replace it the next year (previously written up.)  Here is the car that was the fastest on the planet as of 1938…

This is the “corto” or short-chasis version of the 8C, with Superleggeria bodywork by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan.  It is one of five made.

The motor is a 2.9 liter inline 8-cylinder engine with twin Roots superchargers and two updraught Weber carburetors.  It generates 180 hp (although two race versions produced 220 and 300hp respectively.)  It has a 4-speed transmission, fully independent suspension, 17″ brakes to stop the 2755 pound vehicle.  The 38 gallon fuel tank gives the car almost 350 miles of range.




Alfa-Romeo 8C 2900B Mille Mglia Spyder

Size: 2   Def: 6   Struc: 6   Spd: 130mph   Rng: 350 mi   Han: +1   Crew: 1   Pass: 1   Cost: $10,000