As part of the upcoming Gorilla Ace! campaign, a race plane was required for one of the characters…created by one of the other characters.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Boy and Girls!  Premiering at the 1935 Bendix Cup, the #4 plane piloted by Mrs. Jackie Cabot:  the Vincetti Sportster 1!



Designed by Dex Vincetti and built by Vincetti and the Cabots with funding from Union Oil and Champion (the spark plug manufacturer), the S1 is a braced low-wing monoplane powered by a 1000hp Pratt & Whitney R1690 radial engine (bought used as salvage and tinkered with by Vincetti.)  The airframe is unusual for a racing airplane:  to save weight, the wings use spruce spars, the ailerons plywood, and the fuselage a combination of steel tubing and aluminum, covered with doped canvas.  She is 21′ in length, with a wing span of 26′, and a dead weight of 1500 lbs.

Size: 2   Def: 6   Struc: 6   Spd: 300 mph   Rng: 900 mi   Han: +2   Crew: 1   Pass: 1*  Cost: $6,000   Flaw:  Requires Maintenance before each flight (Mechanic vs. 2)

(The Vincetti Sportster 1 is portrayed by the Wedell-Williams #44…SCR)