It’s been a busy week for the Black Campbell, but I finally have a few moments to sit down and slap out a few posts.  The next few days will be Battlestar Galactica oriented with a series of new ships.  Since the Colonial Military sourcebook appears DOA, here’s my take, with visuals borrowed from various sources.  (Please pop over to for more of these artists’ fantastic work!)

Here’s a sister ship to Battlestar Valkyrie


Type:     Battlestar, Light
Class:     Erynis [Furies]
Registry:    BSL-3
Group:    BSG-30 [Exploration]

Length: 3980′     Beam: 1514′     Draught: 634′     Decks: 17     Crew: 1500 [Air Group: 150]     Passengers:  up to 5000


Agility: d6     Strength: d12     Vitality: d6     Alertness: d8     Intelligence: d8     Willpower:  d10

Life Points: 22     Initiative: d6+d8     Armor: 5W, 4S     Scale: Spacecraft     Speed: 5 [JC/SL]

ASSETS:     Loved [d4], Lucky Ship [d4],

COMPLICATIONS:     Past It’s Prime [d2], Slow Response (Argo can only launch 12 fighters/turn.) [d6]

SKILLS:     Heavy Weaponry [d6], Mechanical Engineering [d4], Perception [d6], Pilot [d4]

ARMAMENT:     Medium skirmish range point-defense system [d12W, Vehicle-Scale], 14 Capital range primary assault railguns [d12W, Spacecraft-scale] — Can fire Short DRADIS range missile systems [d12W, Spacecraft-scale], 6 Short DRADIS range nuclear missile systems [d12+d4, Spacecraft-scale]

AUXILIARY CRAFT:     68 Vipers  in 3 Squadrons w/ 8 reserve, 20 Raptors, 12 shuttles & assorted

HISTORY:     Argo is the thirds Erynis-class light battlestar off the line.  Constructed in 30AC (after Articles of Colonization) at the Scorpia Shipyards, these battlestars represented a new direction in Colonial military ship design.  For a time, the Colonial Defense Ministry was looking to curb costs of the Fleet, and these intermediate-sized battlestars were to take over much of the heavy lifting for the fleet, supported by the new assaultstars.  However, pressure from the Fleet brass led to the creation of the Mercury project – 12 super-battlestars to replace the aging Minerva, with the Erynis class as a dedicated support vessel.

Argo was scheduled for mothballing in 50AC, but was instead shifted to Battlestar Group-30 [BSG-30], the Exploration Fleet and assigned to protect scientific assets investigating the surrounding star systems for habitable planets, resources, and Cylon presence.  She was out of the system when the Cylons attacked, and neither she nor her Vipers have not be upgraded to the Command Navigation Program.

Valkyrie_OrthoThis orthographic of Valkyrie is the work of Infinity238.  Find more of his work on