One of the things I noticed in the core book for the Battlestar Galactica RPG is that the Cylon ships seemed to have several of their statistics skewed.  I went through and corrected a few of the secondary numbers and fleshed out a few things, including giving the ships skills.  (At the time of the attack, I would assume the combat experience of the Cylon raiders, heavy raiders, and basestars to be sub-par, and this is borne out onscreen.  In our campaign, however, they are steadily gaining experience and getting better.)


This is the the basestar from the miniseries, through to when the ZOIC models were discontinued for the newer in-house effects team’s basestar (the Mk III, here.  We’re assuming the old double saucer from the Razor movie is a Mk I.)

There are, according to, 864 launching racks for either missiles or raiders (they are interchangeable in the early seasons.)  Later MkIII Basestars have missile launching turrets, and less of the the racks are used for fighters (434 total, if I counted correctly [and the above source agrees].)


Length: 4500′     Beam: 2250′     Draught: 625′     Decks: 31     Scale: Spacecraft

Agility: d6     Strength: d12+d2     Vitality:  d10     Alertness: d12     Intelligence: d10     Willpower: d8

Life Points: 22     Armor: 4W, 5S     Initiative: d6+d12     Speed: 6 [JC/SL]

ASSETS:  Biomechanical [d8]: Can self-repair, Formidable Presence [d4]

COMPLICATIONS:   Memorable [d4]

SKILLS:     Heavy Weapons [d4], Mechanical Engineering [d6], Perception [d6], Pilot [d6]

ARMAMENTS:  Medium Skirmish Range Missile Systems  [d12, Vehicle-scale], Heavy Capital Range Missile systems  [d12+d4, Vehicle-scale],  Heavy Capital Range missile Systems  [d12+d4, Spacecraft-scale],  Nuclear Short-DRADIS range Missile Systems  [d12+d8, Spacecraft-scale]

AUXILIARY CRAFT:  up to 864 raiders, heavy raiders, and support craft.  I assume, for the Mk II, 300 raiders, 124 heavy raiders, and a few dozen support craft.  For the Mk III, I assume 434 raiders and heavy raiders combined.


Length: 29.3′     Beam: 18′     Draught: 5′     Scale: Vehicle


Agility: d12     Strength: d8   Vitality: d8     Alertness: d8     Intelligence: d6     Willpower: d6

Life Points: 14     Armor: 2W, 2S     Initiative: d12+d8     Speed: 9 [7 in Atmo] [JC/SL]

ASSETS:  Biomechanical [d8], Formidable Presence [d4], Stealthy [d4; adds to difficult to spot with the naked eye.]

SKILLS:  Perception [d4], Pilot [d4]

ARMAMENT:  2 30mm [Medium, Skirmish Range] Cannons  [d8, Vehicle-scale], 6 Medium Capital-Range missiles  [d12, Vehicle-scale] OR 2 Capital-Range Nuclear Missiles  [d12+d4, Spacecraft-scale.]


Schematics courtesy of Starship Schematics Database, Jim Stevenson’s encyclopedic site.

Length: 66′     Beam: 25.6′     Draught: 16′     Scale: Vehicle    Passengers: up to 12 Centurions

Agility: d6     Strength: d10     Vitality: d10     Alertness: d6     Intelligence: d6     Willpower: d6

Life Points: 16     Armor: 4W, 4S     Initiative: d6+d6     Speed: 7 [5 in Atmo] [JC/SL]

TRAITS:  Biomechanical [d8]

SKILLS:  Perception [d4], Pilot [d4]

ARMAMENT:  2 Dual Medium 30mm autocannons  [d8, Vehicle-Scale, Capital Range], 12 Capital-Range, Medium Missiles  [d12, Vehicle scale]


Model by Meleardil on

Length: 2010′     Beam: 465′     Draught: 784′     Scale: Spacecraft     Crew:  Unknown, assumed 1000s     Passengers:  Unknown, assumed 1000s

Agility: d4     Strength: d10     Vitality: d8     Alertness: d8     Intelligence: d10     Willpower: d8

Life Points: 18     Armor: 1W, 4S     Initiative: d4+d8     Speed: 6 [JC/SL]

ASSETS:  Allure [d4], Biomechanical [d8]

COMPLICATIONS:  Memorable [d4]

SKILLS:  Mechanical Engineering [d4], Perception [d4], Pilot [d4]