The last in this series, for now, is the Mercury-class battlestar.  This is the newest, most powerful ship in the Colonial Fleet at the time of the Cylon attack.  The onscreen example is Pegasus, and there is still a bit of speculation on her capabilities, but this is the best I could glean:


Class: Mercury     Length: 5872′     Beam: 2187′     Draught: 1131′     Decks: 35    Scale:  Spacecraft     Crew: 1700 standard    Passengers:  up to 10,000 max


Agility: d4     Strength: d12+d4     Vitality: d8     Alertness: d10     Intelligence: d10     Willpower: d10

Life Points: 28     Armor: 6W, 4S     Initiative: d4+d10     Speed: 5 [SL/JC]

SKILLS:  Heavy Weapons d6, Mechanical Engineering d4, Perception d6, Pilot d6

TRAITS:    Construction Facilities (d4), Formidable Presence (d6), Tough (d4)

ARMAMENT:  Heavy Skirmish Range Point Defense System (d12W Planetary-scale ), 34 Capital-Range Heavy Railguns (d12+d2W Spacecraft-scale), 24 Short Dradis-Range Heavy Missile Launchers  (d12+d4W Spacecraft-Scale), 12 Short Dradis-Range Nuclear Missiles  (d12+d8W Spacecraft-scale)

AUXILIARY VEHICLES:  200 (8 squadrons) Mk VII Vipers, 40 Raptors, 12 Marine Landing Shuttles, 6 standard shuttles, assorted work vehicles

BG_Pegasus_schematic1Schematics courtesy of Starship Schematics Database, Jim Stevenson’s encyclopedic site.