Keeping on the Tales of the Gold Monkey theme from the other day, here’s a new plane for those expeditions out there:  the 1937 Grumman G-21 Goose!

The Goose was designed to fit the needs of wealthy Long Islanders that needed transport to and from the Big Apple quickly.  The aircraft proved to be versatile and tough, and capable of heavy modifications.  It would serve as a military scout craft in World War II, and 60 of the 345 Geese made still ply the air today.

The Goose was a modern monoplane — the wings situated at the top of the fuselage, which was made of high-strength aluminum.  They were originally powered by twin 450hp, nine-cylinder Pratt & Whitney R-985 radial motors.  The hull was designed for water landings, and this seaplane had hand cranked landing gear.  Some of the craft had a hatch in the nose, which could remain open in flight for ventilation.  The aircraft’s shallow draught, seaplane configuation and landing gear, and later ice rigger modifications on the pontoons and undercarriage (on some) allowed the Goose to go just about anywhere.


Size:  4   Def: 4   Str: 8   Spd: 184mph   Rng: 1050mi   Ceiling: 21,000   Han: 0   Crew: 2   Pass: 8   Cost: $7000

A little update:  There is a company making the Goose anew, with improved motors, etc.