Just in time for Christmas…okay, not in time for Christmas…  Three new weapons for your James Bond: 007 campaign.


Designed for the Spetnatz, MVD, FSB, and other security forces, the “Val” is an assault rifle with an integrated suppressor, using the 9x39mm SP-6 subsonic, armor-piercing round.  The round is a necked out version of the standard 7.62x39mm military round, and has twice the power of the 9mm Parabellum round used around the world… but with subsonic speeds, allowing the AS to be extremely quiet.

The AS has a folding stock, as is typical for Russian military weapons, and uses the same 10 and 20-round magazines as the VSS sniper rifle.

PM: 0   S/R: 2/10   AMMO: 10/20   DC: G/K   CLOS: 0-8   LONG: 25-70   CON: n/a   JAM: 96+   DRAW: -3   RL: 2

GM Information:  The AS is remarkably quiet and requires a PERCEPTION EF3 to hear the weapon at close ranges.


The GM-94 is the latest weapon by the boys at Tula.  Designed for use by the Russian special forces for urban warfare, the grenade launcher has a unique pump action that allows the weapon to carry three grenades in the magazine above the barrel. The GM-94 can fire non-lethal rounds (tear gas and bean bag), or high explosive warheads with a plastic casing for reduced blast radius of roughly ten feet, perfect for room-to-room operations where the operator might have to fire at ranges closer than recommended for traditional grenade weapons.  The weapon is surprisingly accurate at close ranges, and has a maximum range of 300 meters.

PM: 0   S/R: 2  AMMO: 3   DC: varies   CLOS: 0-6   LONG: 20-70   CON:  n/a   JAM: 99   DRAW: -3    RL: 4

GM Information:  The VGM-93 thermobaric round is designed to impart high-pressure and temperature in a limited range.  A direct hit from the round halves armor benefits, and has a DC of H, but WL is reduced by two and applied to everyone in a 10′ radius.

Rubber rounds do DC G, but will not kill.


The new RPG-32 is a 105mm rocket launcher designed to defeat tank armor.  It utilizes either a HEAT rocket to defeat tank armor, or can use an FAE/ thermobaric charge with high fragmentation against soft targets.  The HEAT rounds are specifically made to set off Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA), like the kind used on Western tanks like the M1 and the Merkava.

This capability, coupled with the  RPG-32’s ease of use explains why it has been bought by the Jordanian military.  The launcher can be reused, is lightweight and easy to maintain.

PM: 0   S/R: 1   AMMO: 1   DC: K   CLOS: 0-15   LONG: 30-60   CON: n/a   JAM: 99   DRAW: -2   RL: 2

GM Information:  The RPG-32 has a blast radius of 20′, with a WL drop every 10′ after that.  The HEAT round will negate an armor DC reduction of four.  (Ex.  Armor Level IV would have a -4DC, instead of a -8DC.)