MAS (Motoscafo Armato Silurante) 205 is an early build of the fast torpedo boat the Italians fielded in WWII.   Constructed in 1936, MAS 205 served primarily along the Italian coastline as a police interdiction vessel until the war, when it was assigned to Decima Flottiglia MAS – one of the first commando frogman units in the world.  MAS 205 was instrumental in supporting Italian troops against the Greek partisans in the Epirus theater until her capture in 1943 by partisans under the command of Special Operations Executive officer and Royal Marine Captain John Campbell, who renamed the vessel Pikros (“spite” in Greek.)

Following the death of CPT Campbell, the boat became the property of Artemis Campbell, the infamous Greek freedom fighter and smuggler.  While not as large as the German schnellboots, Pikros was a smaller, more nimble craft with shallow draught that allowed her to escape the Germans on several occasions.  The little vessel was part of the naval assaults along the Adriatic in 1944, culminating with the attack on Trieste.  She remains the “flagship” of Campbell’s smuggler fleet.

Pikros  displaces 25 tons with a length of 40′, a beam of 9′ and a draught of 4′, with a top speed of about 45 knots.  Her armament has been sold off as the vessel was demilitarized in 1946, but still has the hardpoints for a 1″ gun on the front, and a pintle stand for a machinegun on the transom.  (British naval intelligence suspects Pikros is still armed with a German MG-42.)  Campbell has retained the Italian military camouflage seen in the picture.

MAS 205 “Pikros”

Size: 8   Def: 6   Struct: 20   Spd: 50 mph   Hand: +2   Crew: 3   Pass: 3

Armament:  Originally, Pikros fielded — and could again — a forward mounted 1″ cannon (Lt. cannon as per Secrets of the Surface World), 2 18″ torpedos (Lt. torpedoes as per SOTSW), and a rear-mounted MG-42 7.92mm machinegun.