The Smith & Wesson Model 500 is a five-shot, double-action revolver produced using the .500 S&W Magnum cartridge.  It is the most powerful production firearm on the market and has little practical use outside of big game hunting.  The 500 comes with a recoil compensator on all of the variants of the weapon (4″, 8 3/4″, and 10.5″ barrels), and a recoil absorption spring that allows the frame to flex in relation to the grip (made of thick and heavy rubber.

The Model 500 fires a 350 gr bullet at 1975 feet per second for a muzzle energy of around 3,000 ft/lbs.  The muzzle energy is about the same, or slightly higher than a 7.62mm NATO rifle!

PM: +1   S/R: 1/2   AMMO: 5   DC: K   CLOS: 0-10   LONG: 20-40   CON: +1   JAM: 99   DR: -1   COST: $1500+

GM Information:  The .500 is a stout round with incredible recoil.  S/R rises to 1 in the 10.5″ barrel.  The CON jumps to +2 with the 8″, +3 with the 10.5″ barrel.  DR drops to -2 on the 10.5″ barrel.

Q Evaluation:  There is almost no reason for an agent to carry this weapon, unless they are worried about being attack by a water buffalo or a small tank.  The accuracy is solid to 100 yards and farther with a scope; the effective range for big game is about 200 yards. CPT Michael Roberts

(Here’s a little something for the gun bunnies in your game that have to have the biggest, baddest handgun available.)