The MRAP-All Terrain Vehicle is an armored fighting vehicle designed to replace the agiing HMMWV of the US armed forces.  The heavier of two alternatives, it was a cheaper one at $475,000 a unit and over 5000 have already been ordered.

The V-shaped hull deflects blasts from improvised explosive devices, and the suspension has 16 inches of travel to facilitate operations in the worst of terrain.  The vehicle is Palsan composite armored, protecting the crew of five inside (four plus a gunner.)  The motor can take a direct hit from a 7.62mm round to the oil, coolant, or hydraulics systems and still travel a kilometer.  The tires are run flats that can travel 30 miles at 30 mph.  Traction control and ABS make it incredibly safe.

Taking a page from the operations of the past decade, the M-ATV has air conditioning, and electrical outlets for personal electronic devices.  The turret is wrapped with an armored plexiglass that allows the gunner some protection, but the weapon can also be controlled from inside the vehicle.  The weapons supported are the M240, the Mk 19 grenade launcher, or the BGM-71 TOW missile system.

The M-ATV has a 7.2 liter Caterpillar C7 turbodeisel motor that produces 370hp and 925 ft-lbs of toque.  It is electronically limited to a top speed of 65mph, but is capable of 80mph.  Weighing in at almost 25,000 lbs., the vehicle is brutally powerful.  It has a payload of 4000 lbs.

PM: -1   RED: 5   CRUS: 40   MAX: 65 (80)   RNG: 320   FCE: 5   STR: 25   COST: $476,000

The M-ATV ignores off-road modifications, and gains a +1EF to safety rolls.  The hull is armored and reduces weapon DC by four, and absorbs 2WL.

Q Evaluation:
The first of the M-ATVs were delivered to USMC units in Afghanistan in 2009.  The vehicle is proving to be incredibly well designed for the rough terrain.  Cpt. Roberts.

(You can find the stats for the M240 machinegun and Mk 19 grenade launcher in the weapons section of the Q2 Manual in the Role-Playing Games Resources page of this site.)