Lieutenant Marie “Three Point” Auram

Born 27AC in the “Great City of Lydisius” on Virgon, Marie is the second daughter and fourth child to Robert and Caroline Auram.  Her father is an architect of note in the city and her mother an artist of some quality and little note.  Her eldest brother, Robert Jr., works for her father, and her elder sister, Elise, is a union representative for the Virgon Teacher’s Union.  Her younger brother is a contract pilot for Intersun, flying space liners.

Artistic as a child, Marie paints, draws, and is frequently working of crafts.  Somewhere in her childhood, she started building models with her brother Jean.  Her favorite subjects for modeling were past and current aircraft.  She was a gregarious child and was popular in school.  Marie dated both boys and girls in school, having lost her virginity to her best friend Alyssa when she was thirteen.  While mostly heterosexual, she is very attracted to the female form.

She attended the University of Virgon’s illustrious School of Art, with a minor in astronomy.  While there, she modeled semi-professionally.  She also had her first serious relationship with another art student, Don Loga, whom she subsequently binned after a spectacular threesome for the girl they were with, Rachel Nyes.  That relationship didn’t last long, but they stayed friends.  When Marie graduated 49AC, she surprised everyone by joining the Colonial Fleet…and not even on the usual reservist list.
Raised in one of the most beautiful cities on Virgon, Marie is not the usual military-type: she is fond of fashion, has good taste in food and drink, and is an inveterate sunbather.  But Auram had always dreamed of flying something fast and dangerous, and requested pilot training.  She was commissioned after OCS on Picon, and directed not to combat flight training she desired, but to Raptors.  Somewhat disappointed, she nevertheless threw herself into the training.  Her basic flight skills were top notch for a nugget, and she earned the name “Three Point” for her consistent ability to bring a bird in on all skids, every time.  She aced her navigation and electronic operations courses and was finally released into the fleet at the end of 51AC.

She was assigned to the aging Atlantia as part of the Raptor squadron.  She had been aboard the ship for only six months, but quickly gained a reputation for her skill and recklessness.  Auram did so well, she was sent to Delphi’s Combat Flight School in 52AC.  She returned to the fleet as a viper jock on Pleiades, doubling as a raptor training officer.

Her gutsy style and skill has made her one of the ship’s top pilots, and her sexy, playful good humor make her popular with officers and deck gang, alike.  (The player chose Monica Vesela as the face for the character.)

Agility: d10   Strength: d6   Vitality: d6   Alertness: d10   Intelligence: d8   Willpower: d8

Initiative: 2d10   Life Points: 14   Endurance: 2d6   Resistance: d6+d8

Age: 25   Height: 5’4″   Weight: 125 lbs.   Hair: Black   Eyes: Brown

ASSETS:  Allure d4 [sexy, more than beautiful], Dogfighter d4, Lady Luck d4, Talented ECO d4 [adds to Tech Engineering/DRADIS and /Electronic Warfare]

COMPLICATIONS: Allergies [mold & mildew] d2, Dull Sense [smell] d2, Gloryhound d4, Wise Ass d4

SKILLS: Artistry d4, Athletics d4, Covert d2, Discipline d4, Guns d4, Influence d6, Knowledge d2, Mechanical Engineering d2, Perception d6, Performance d2, Pilot d6 [Raptor d10, Viper d8], Planetary Vehicles d2, Science Expertise d2, Survival d2, Technical Engineering d6 [Electronic Warfare d8, DRADIS d8], Unarmed Combat d2