I love the Bren Ten…it’s been one of those guns I’ve wanted to buy for years, but could never get a good deal on.  I fired one way back in the ’90s and loved it — super accurate, powerful, and incredibly comfortable ergonomics.  I have settled for the nearest thing I could get, the Tanfoglio Witness in .45 or 10mm (although these are damned good values!)  VLtor, however, has remade the Bren 10mm handgun and they should be on the market in a matter of months (I’ve already got my local dealer hooking me up with one…)

In it’s day, the Bren was a fairly advanced piece of hardware.  Based on the CZ-75 and beefed up for a new combat round envisioned by Col. Jeff Cooper — famed gunhand — for combat and police work, the 10mm cartridge was an attempt to mate .357 magnum firepower with a semi-automatic pistol.  The Bren died a quick death due to financial woes of the manufacturer, but the 10mm round was — for a time — FBI standard and a popular hunting and self-defense cartridge.  However, the recoil was too stout for the poor Feeb agents and a whimped out version, .40 S&W, became the more popular round in the 1990s for police.  In the age of polymer-frame handguns, it’s a bit dated, but the accuracy and firepower are hard to beat.

VLtor’s version includes dedicated 15 round magazines, and it can use Tanfoglio magazines interchangeably.

PM: +1   S/R: 2   AMMO: 15   DC: H   CLOS: 0-4   LONG: 12-19   CON: +1   JAM: 98+   DR: 0   RL: 1   COST: $1300

GM Information:  The DC is for the original 200 gr, 1250 fps 10mm round (only really available from specialty manufacturers.)  Most 10mm ammo would provide a DC: G.

The gun was featured, most notably, on Miami Vice in the first two seasons.  VLtor is doing a “Vice Model” wth a hard chomed slide.  (The slide was chromed so that it was more visible in night shoots.)