Next up for James Bond: 007 RPG, the Springfield 😄 series of handguns.

Like the Glocks, Springfield Armory utilizes a polymer frame with lightweight alloy parts for the mechanics for the X-Treme Duty (XD.)  The 😄 also uses striker fire, like the Glocks, but the grip angle is more ergonomically correct for the shooter, allowing better accuracy.  Take down is also easy, accomplished with a rotating switch near the front of the receiver (similar to the SIG Sauer.)

Early versions, like the Glock, require the trigger to be pulled to allow the slide and barrel assembly to be slid free of the lower; newer versions do not, increasing safety.  Also, the 😄 used a similar trigger safety feature as the Glock, but improves on this with a grip safety similar to the 1911A1 series handgun.  As a result, the 😄 is as reliable, often better made, more accurate and safe, and easier to maintain.

The 😄 can be had in 3″, 4″, and 5″ barrels, and in calibers from 9mm and .40 S&W, to .45ACP and .45 GAP, as well as .357 SIG.  All versions include a Piccitinny-style equipment rail on the weapon for light or laser.  Additionally, SAs always ship with a right-handed holster and dual mag holder.

There is also the XDM — a larger framed version of the service pistol with interchangeable backstraps on the grip to different sized hands, a match grade barrel, and larger capacity.  While very accurate and reliable, the XDM is more difficult to conceal than most service pistols.  The XDM is available only in 9mm and .40S&W

Springfield Armory 😄 9mm & .40S&W

PM: +1   S/R: 3   AMMO: 16   DC: F   CLOS: 0-3   LONG: 10-18   CON: +1   JAM: 99   DR: 0   RL: 1   COST: $550

GM Information:  This is for the 5″ 😄 in 9mm, the .40 version has a S/R: 2, AMMO: 12, and CLOS: 0-4.  For the 4″ version, LONG is reduced to 9-17, 8-16 for the 3″ barrel.  The 3″ Subcompact 😄 can have a CON: -1, but AMMO is 10 for 9mm, 9 for .40.

Springfield Armory 😄 .45ACP

PM:  +1   S/R: 2   AMMO: 13   DC: F   CLOS: 0-3   LONG: 10-17   CON: +1  JAM: 99   DR: 0   RL: 1   COST: $600

GM Information:  The .45 caliber gives a -2EF penalty for victims testing against stun.  The compact .45 has a PM: 0, AMMO: 9, and LONG: 8-16, CON: -1.

Springfield Armory 😄 .357SIG

This version uses the new police-oriented .357SIG round — essentially a necked-down .40S&W case firing a .357 bullet at magnum speeds.  The .357 SIG 😄 only comes in the full service pistol.

PM: +1   S/R: 2   AMMO: 12   DC: H   CLOS: 0-4   LONG 10-19   CON: +1   JAM: 99   DR: 0   RL: 1   COST: $700

GM Information:  The .357 SIG round is very hard to come by outside of the US, and is mostly seen in the hands of police departments.

Springfield Armory XDM

PM: +2   S/R: 3   AMMO: 19 (16 .40)   DC: G   CLOS: 0-4   LONG: 12-20   CON: +2   JAM: 99   DR: 0   RL: 1   COST: $700