Looking over the weapons chapter in Secrets of the Surface World, I realized there were a few things in the weapons listed that didn’t feel quite right.  Granted, the Damage rating is a combination of power, but also accuracy…but there is still a great deal of error on the damage ratings of some of the guns vis-a-vis each other and archaic weapons.

I would suggest that the average flintlock pistol is far too highly rated.  The average muzzle energy of a flintlock is on part with a .380 revolver or automatic, and they are terribly inaccurate.  Instead of a 3W, a 2W is much more realistic.  I’m a bit torn on the 3W for .22 target pistols.   Yes, they’re accurate, but I find myself thinking the damage should be 2W with a better range (to better simulate the speed of the round) or a 3W with a shorter range to model the tendency of the lightweight round to be blown off target.

The most egregious error is the .357 magnum pistol and rifle listed:  5W?  Seriously?  The .357 magnum round is powerful and effective, but it’s certainly no moreso than a .30-06 round.  The 5W listed is ridiculously high — a 4W is reasonable in the rifle, but questionable in the S&W Model 27 or Registered Magnum.  The damage for the Webley MK VI and Fosbury is too high — the short-box cartridge fires a heavy bullet (266 gr to the .45ACP 230gr), but it is slower by several hundred feet a second than the .45acp.  Both should be 3W.  The Colt Single Action  .45 Long Colt  was the most powerful handgun round until the .357 magnum; it should be 4W.

Rifles are worse in SOTSW:  Nearly all are .30-06 or some comparable round like the .303.  Damage for all the 3W “game rifles” should be 4W, 5W for the more accurate rifles like the Webley #3062.  In military weapons like the Enfield #2, etc. with the .303, 7.5mm, etc.  — all comparable weapons — should be 4W.