I did a one-shot adventure for a truncated Wednesday night gaming group.  I put it together very quickly, as I had few players than expected — one cancelling last minute.  I took ran a quick Lovecraftian horror “issue” of Gorilla Ace!…without the gorilla or his wife.  The background players got to step forward and use their talents.

Dr. Stanford — physician and scientist — and Dexter Vincetti, the group mechanic and inventor team up with an MI6 agent.  The two are approached by an old acquaintance of Stanford’s, a physicist with occultist leanings — actually a member of a splinter group of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  He hypnotizes them to get information he needs to complete a dastardly machine, the intention of which is unknown to them.  There’s a fight later with zombies — reanimated corpses controlled by strange black slug-like creatures.

This leads them to a meeting with Aleister Crowley — secretly working for HMG whenever there’s a matter like this.  He’s been watching the physicist, who has a houseguest…a strange Egyptian man who is known to the world by various names.  This creature is a vanguard for menaces so ancient and vast as to be incomprehensible.  And he thinks they intend to let them into our world.  The machine he is building will amplify mystic powers to achieve this.  (How does Crowley know?  Does it matter?)

They raid the mansion of the physicist and confront him while he is performing his ritual, releasing these creatures into the world.  They fend of the evil until Dex reverses the polarity on the spiraling quantum whatsinator and sends them back to the deep beyond.

The adventure ran smoothly, was fast and fun, but I discovered that doing horror is truly hard to do.  You can do creepy fairly easy, but truly scary …tough.