These are the old basestars and raiders, as portrayed in Razor.  There’s a paucity of information on the vessels, so I had to do a lot of guesswork for the stats.  The assumptions:  the basestar is originally a warship from one of the colonies’ forces, as were the raiders.  The size would suggest these were the truly heavy guns of the War-time period.  These vessels most likely use similar weaponry to the Colonials, and much of it might be retrofitted onto a battlestar, if the need should arise (like, say, the whole of the Colonies being wiped out.)  I assume that the control mechanisms of the basestar are most likely usable by humans, and the raiders almost certainly.  That doesn’t mean that they might not have been retrofitted with some of the biomechanical equipment from the Mk II Basestar at some point.


DIMENSIONS:  Diameter: 2500′   Draught: 625′   Decks: 30  Crew: 5000 Cylons (about 1000 tasked for raider duty)

ATTRIBUTES:  Agility d4, Strength d12+d4, Vitality d8, Alertness d10, Intelligence d10, Willpower d10

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES:  Life Points 24, Initiative d4+d10, Armor 5W, 5S, Speed 4 [SL/JC]

SKILLS:  Heavy Weapons [d4], Mechanical Engineering [d4], Perception [d6], Pilot [d4]

TRAITS:  Formidable Presence [d4]; Memorable [d4], Seen Better Days [d4] (Only in a campaign set around the Fall)

ARMAMENT: Heavy Skirmish Range Point Defense System [d12W Vehicle-scale], 80 Medium Capital Range Missile Systems [d12, Spacecraft-scale], 16 Heavy Capital-Range Railguns [d12+d4 Spacecraft-Scale], Nuclear Long-DRADIS range Missile Systems [d12+d8, Spacecraft-scale]

AUXILIARY CRAFT:  320 Raiders, 50 Heavy Raiders, various smaller craft


DIMENSIONS (Estimated): Length: 28′   Beam: 18′   Draught: 10′   Scale: Vehicle   Crew: 3

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d8, Vitality d8   Alertness: d8   Intelligence: d6   Willpower: d6

SECONDARY ATRRIBUTES: Life Points 16,   Armor: 1W, 2S, Initiative d6+d8   Speed: 7 [SL]

TRAITS:Formidable Presence [d4]; Memorable [d4]

SKILLS:Heavy Weapons [d4], Mechanical engineering [d4], Perception [d6], Pilot [d4]

ARMAMENTS: 2 30mm MEC-A4 Cannons [d8W Skirmish-range, Vehicle-scale], 4 Thunderbolt Missiles [d12 Capital-range, Vehicle-scale] or 2 Trident Antiship missiles [d6 Capital-range, Spacecraft-scale]