It’s been a truly annoying morning at Chez Rhymer — one of the worst offenders being my iPad.  The thing was refusing to synch with my laptop this morning.  iTunes (bloated crapware that it is) would find the device, start the synch, get through the backup, then hang on the synch.  The iPad would then go to sleep because of Itunes not responding.  iTunes, would then lock up because there was no iPad to find.  It did this repeatedly.

My steps:  change the charging/synch cable to another:  same issue.  Not the cable then.  I reinstalled iTunes — no change, BUT the warning I used to get when it would boot up asking if the firewall should allow it to get info from the internet stopped.

I take it down to the Apple Store.  Works just like you would expect a car at the shop to:  perfectly.  So now I’m thinking it’s a network/iTunes issue.

I head home and it synchs fine.  So I download the new iOS 4.2.  It stalls at the end of the install…while synching files again.  Sigh.  Now, iTunes goes nuts everytime I try to get it to talk to the iPad.  Finally, it synchs again and sets up my folders, etc. etc.  then stalls at the last minute, once again.

So:  not the cables.  No the network, because Safari and Mail are connecting fine at the same time.  Not the iPad, because after the update on the OS it’s working well (excellently, point of fact.)  So…once again, the issue for Apple hardware comes down to the bloated shitware that is iTunes.

So if you’re having problems, the fix seems to be perseverance, a lot of swearing (throwing things is optional), and in order — reload iTunes, restart the computer anytime there’s an issue with iTunes stalling, and probably some actively pummeling of your table/desk surface.  Or not buying a Mac.  (I didn’t have these issues with the Dell PC and iPad.)