Yeah, yeah, yeah…”Macs don’t get viruses…”  Nevertheless, as Apple gains market share in the computer world, then hackers have more interest — as with legitimate software writers — in making product for OSX.  Even if that doesn’t happen, you can still pass along virii and malware in emails you received from other users.

With that in mind, I downloaded the freeware ClamXav antivirus for my new Macbook Air.  The software is fairly light — just under 17mb on my hard drive — and loaded without issue.  I ran a full scan of the hard drive and found two phishing programs in the Thunderbird trash files (even though I had deleted Thunderbird — you have to go into the library folder of your user files and delete Thunderbird and Mozilla files by hand…or use AppZapper.)

The scan took about 30 minutes for roughly 70GB on the hard drive and during that time it hammered the processor — the fan was on the highest it’s been since I’ve had the machine, the back of the laptop got warm (not dangerously so, but warm enough) and it drained a third of the battery in that time.  It can be set to scan incoming emails, etc.

But it found those viruses Mac doesn’t get.