One of the big disappointments of iOS 4.3 was that Apple didn’t give us the multitouch improvements promised. Among them is the ability to four finger swipe to change between active apps, instead of constantly hitting the home button; a four or five-finger pinch returns you to the home screen, four finger swipe up reveals the active dock, and down returns you to the main screen. It’s brilliant and would cut down sharply on the wear and tear of the home button.

After reading about a work around to get access to these features (they are on your iPad if you have iOS 4.3, they just aren’t active), I gave it a try. You need to hit the app store (if you’re on a Mac, that is) and download Xcode 4 (or find a freeware version, if you’ve got the time to dig around.) It’ll cost you $5. It’s a big file (4+GB), so don’t get too impatient, and Air users don’t be surprised if your fan goes nuts during the install. Once it’s loaded and fired up, plug the iPad in.

It’ll be recognized by Xcode. Hit the “Use as Developer” button. It’ll ask for information. Cancel. If you get an error code, just close the window. Unplug the iPad.

Enjoy the extra multitouch features. They’re great.