In the series, the Colonials use an assortment of rifles: for the first few seasons they are P90s (mostly likely because they had props from Stargate as well as shovelfuls of 5.7x28mm ammo — hence the move to the “futuristic” FiveSeven handgun), and toward the end of season one they’re using Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbines in 9mm.

Let’s face it: a 9mm carbine against an armored mechanical monstrosity is, well…stupid. So here’s a simple retcon for you — use the Beretta Rx4 Carbine in .223. They look almost the same, but they have a “real” rifle round that, if they were loading steel tips, could punch through Cylons. The Beretta Rx4 and the Benelli MR1 look almost like the Cx4…it if had balls.

Stats for Battlestar Galactica RPG: Leo GMR1 5.56mm   Damage: d8W   Range: 125 yards   Cost: 3500 cubits   Availability: Military.  (Figure a civilian version would be semi-auto, cost half as much, and be “rare”.)

Now lets do it up for the James Bond: 007 RPG: Benelli MR1 / Beretta Rx4 5.56mm

The Benelli uses the same ARGO gas-piston system of their combat shotgun and R1 rifle series, giving the MR1 superb reliability and clean operation. The rifle uses standard M16/M4/AR15 magazines, which are released by an ambidextrous release on the receiver, the bolt release and safety are on the forward trigger guard. The rifle can be had in a solid stock or collapsible, like their M4 Super 90 series shotgun.

The MR1 is similar in power and range to AR carbines with a 16″ barrel, but the accuracy is slightly less precise — that said, the MR1 has a tendency to shot 2″ groups out to 300 yards consistently…it jus doesn’t tend to shoot much tighter. Recoil is less than on the AR series of rifles.

PM: 0   S/R: 2/10   AMMO: 30   DC: I/L   CLOS: 0-20   LONG: 35-65   CON: n/a   JAM: 99   DR: -3 RL: 2 COST: $1200