I picked one of these up for a song the other month and finally started wearing it on a regular basis, as we’re in that stretch in early spring in New Mexico where it’s very cool in the morning, and quickly warms up to the 60/70s in a matter of a few hours. The heavy Triumph paddock jacket I use for cold weather gets too warm quickly, the mesh jacket is too chilly below 60 or so…

River Road made a very nice jacket here — it’s part of their “vintage” collection, and it’s got that old cafe racer quality to it. Wile they call the color black, it’s more of a chocolate color. The leather is heavy and of excellent quality: I doubt a crash is going to tear through the material. There’s a pair of pocket/vents on the chest, a pair of standard pockets that zip, there’s another zip pocket along the zipper area that’s fairly spacious — it would almost fit my Walther P99 in it. Inside there’s a cell phone pocket with velcro and another velcro pocket that’s big enough for a sunglasses case. These are replicated on the zip-in quilted liner. There’s also zipper vents on the back and the arms. There are two position button-up straps to tighten the waistline.

Ventilation on the jacket is not a problem. I’ve ridden up to 80F in the jacket and been comfortable when my bike was in motion. The neck does not seal on me, so there’s always a bit of airflow. I suspect it will be on the cold side under 40F, but that means you won’t sweat to death on a summer’s ride. It’s also comfortable as an everyday jacket and looks pretty good.

The only downside for me is the lack of padding for a crash. This is a stripped down jacket to prevent road rash, not to protect your bones.

Overall, I find this a great piece of apparel for the $199 MSRP, and if you get it lower than that, it’s a steal.