Here’s an idea that was suggested by a player a few months back near the end of our Battlestar Galactica campaign. He was suggesting that all the time he was giving to certain maneuvers (in this case, touch & gos to prepare for combat landings) for training his vipers should pay off with either a bonus to their skill die or a modification to the difficulty of a task.

Hard skills get easier for people — dirt bikers practice certain kinds of jumps over and over again ’til they get it right, but you still see them drop their motorcycles from time to time on the dead simplest maneuvers; freerunners do amazing stuff, and certain jumps or tricks they do so well they look effortless, but others they flub regularly; navy pilots practice landing and takeoffs on aircraft carriers over and over because they’re hard…yes, they get better overall, but some maneuvers have just been drilled into them; shooters on the firing range can drill sub 2″ groups with their pistol or rifle, but put them in a fluid, moving environment and they don’t do as well (and some people shoot action drills superbly, but can’t group standing still worth a crap.)

So how to reflect this? If your special ops team or spy does a lot of indoor range practice, they might gain a benefit when they have the time to take up the right stance, aim, and shoot. Your viper pilot might ace combat landings on their battlestar after months of practice while running from the Cylons or is particularly adept at a 180 roll or yaw that puts them flying backwards to fire at something in their six. Say your researcher is very good at combing through archives in a library, but they don’t do search engines too well… Maybe your archeologist/adventurer has practiced snagging objects and swinging over chasms with his whip multiple times, but snapping a cigarette out of someone’s mouth is a new trick…these characters might get a benefit for something they’ve repeatedly done in game, or that had been a stated part of their regimen of training. If it’s not something they practice, no benefit.