There’s already a slapdash set of mass combat rules here on the Black Campbell site, but here’s another take to make the character’s respective actions more synergistic.

During a combat round, play is broken into initiative, the actions of the players/NPCs, then a final combat action by the respective commanders for morale.

Initiative is as in the core rules: the commanding officers roll their Alertness+Tactics in an opposed test (Cylons would use the basestar’s Alertness and Perception ratings if there’s no specific commander.) Winner goes first.

The commander then rolls an Alertness+Administration to see how well managed the ship or squadron is — the CO can pass off elements of this to other players. For instance, CDR Adama is overseeing the battle as a whole: his test, if successful, lends a skill dice step to his subordinates. He’s had COL Tigh take over damage control — he rolls the same ALE+Administration to give a dice step to the men under his command for making repairs (a fumble gives a -2 step to the DC teams as they are now uncoordinated.) CPT Adama is given command of the fighters and makes a ALE+Tactics test to aid the fighter pilots in their work.

The players now get to take their actions — Tyrol (or if there’s no PC, the ship Intelligence+Mech Engineering or Tech Engineering vs. damage suffered.) Starbuck takes the step Apollo gave for a successful tactics and slays a few toasters. The gunnery crews under another PC fire using his INT+Heavy Weapons skill with the step from CDR Adama.

Damage to the enemy ships is calculated. The fighter squadrons can be rolled as a unit, if you want — for simplicity sake, say the lead pilot can roll his AGL+Pilot v. the Cylon raider with a die step going to the attack or defense of the side with numerical superiority. Attacks by fighters on capital ships could be resolved with using the lead pilot’s skill v. the capital ship Agility or an EASY difficulty if in skirmish range, roll the damage of the vehicle with a step for each squadron attacking, then divide by 10 for the scale.

Next (or if the won the initiative, they went first) the Cylons do their worst, as per the rules.

Say all three PCs’ tests were successful: now the old man tests his WIL+Discipline to maintain the morale of the crew with a +3 die step (one for each success of the PCs). A failure will result in a -1 die step on the attribute of the NPCs and PCs on the next round of action. A success and the ship continues to fight well, an extraordinary success lends a +1 step to their skills for the next action round.

Do Cylons have morale? Depends on whether they have a resurrection ship in the area, doesn’t it?

It’s quick and very spitball, but it should work to allow the characters to have an effect on each other’s actions. It should also be applicable to ground forces with a bit of tweaking.