I hit the range today to put in some much needed trigger time. One of the firearms that I took out was my Tanfoglio Witness 10mm. I’ve been shooting some excellent, but over-powered 165 grain ammunition that is deadly accurate and hugely powerful, but which is running the slide so fast I’m getting the occasional feed jam.

So I bought a couple boxes of the relatively cheap ($22ish at the range) HPR 180 grain 10mm, expecting the usual whimped out, glorified .40 S&W 10mm most of the big producers put out. I was wrong. This is full-power ammunition — I didn’t have a chronograph, but HPR is claiming 1250fps. I have no reason to doubt them, as it had the hearty snap of a real 10mm — after 100 rounds, it was nearly teeth-rattling.

Afterwards, the bore and the weapon were a bit dirty, but nowhere as much as I normally find after a couple of boxes put through the Witness (it’s an all steel gun — they tend to hang onto dirt.) The bore was a bit smoky, but no particulates of note, and most of the frame was clean.

I popped on their website — they’re a small and new outfit out of Payson, AZ. They cover the main autoloader self-defense calibers: .380, 9mm, .40, 10mm, and .45, as well as .223 for rifles. (Now if they’d only do 5.7x28mm!!!) In addition to the 180 grain TMJ 10mm, they do a full-power 180 grain XTP round that runs between $33-45 depending on where you look.

Definite thumbs up!