I’ve been busting out a bunch of work this last two weeks: I have a piece that’s going into an anthology called Why We Left the Left, the first chapter for the new Victoriana sourcebook on technology has been submitted and more work is forthcoming, and I’ve finished proofreading and formatting Cawnpore — my historical novel about the 1857 India Mutiny — is completed. Once I’ve got my ISBN assigned for this version, it should go live on iBooks, Kindle, and Nook in a few days. My retelling of Perseus is next up for the editing/proofing and I hope to have that out by the end of the summer.

For all you readers out there, they’ll be priced competitively for the ebook version — probably $0.99 to start — so if you’ve been enjoying the material on the website, help me stay solvent enough to put more attention toward the blog and game-oriented projects. Cawnpore‘s been in print and epublication before (way back in 2000! Who says I’m not a trendsetter!?!) and has gotten decent reviews and traffic before, but any help will be appreciated. There will be a few chapters put up on the blog in a few days, so people can decide if it’s for them. I’ll do the same with Perseus once it’s ready…

Still on the schedule is a new espionage game system which will have its roots in the old JB:007 system of the 1980s. We’ve begun playtesting some of the new rules in our gaming group, and once there’s more verbiage worked through, I may be looking for playtesters. I’m thinking I might Kickstart that project soon.

UPDATE: Cawnpore is in the Kindle and Nook store pipeline. Estimate availability by Monday. iBooks is going to have to wait, as I don’t have the $100 for an ISBN number and the aggregator providers are a bit sketchy, in my book.