Here’s a character I put together for a Savage Worlds campaign that I’m hoping might continue to fly…it was my first time playing SW and I found the mechanics a bit curious and the initiative bolted on (a legacy from Deadlands, I understand…) The name was ripped off from a quip on Red Eye a few years back — the name just stuck, for some reason. Without further ado:

Trapp Sommers is the son of former Colonel, now Congressman, Stone Sommers of Cape May, New Jersey. He was born on 9 September, 1900 in Moab, Utah — where the family was living at the time. As a boy, his family lived in the El Paso region of Texas and near Nogales, Arizona, where his father was a United States Army officer fighting Mexican gangsters and the occasional Apache miscreant.

His father was an American advisor to the British government in 1914, working with Herbert Hoover on his efforts to evacuate Americans from Europe after the start of hostilities. Trapp was scheduled to attend Princeton in 1917 but instead lit out to France, where he lied about his age to join the Lafayette Escadrille unit of aviators, fighting the Germans. When the American flyers were rolled into the 103rd Aero Squadron of the US Army, where he was commissioned a 1st lieutenant.

Lt. Sommers was part of the US AAC airship training mission to England from 1918-1920, before returning to the United States. He served as a flight officer out of Lakehurst, New Jersey and attended Princeton in his spare time, until his decommissioning in 1922. He studied the law and graduated in the bottom half of his class from Princeton in 1924. He never took the bar exam, instead choosing to become a contract pilot for Pan Am from 1925-28, scouting new flight routes for the airline. He bought a Sikorsky S-38 flying boat in early 1929 after being accepted into the Explorer’s Club and has been working as a contract pilot for various African and South American expeditions, as well as continuing to map new routes for Pan Am and TWA.

Trapp is a brash and manly fellow, known for acting impulsively, but underneath it all he has a heart of gold, always trying to help the “little guy” (and gain some fame and fortune in the process.) His wealth comes from a Mexican gold mine he discovered and invested in in 1928, and several major archeological finds (some call it “tomb raiding”) have provided him with a very comfortable lifestyle, despite the Depression. He often works with US Army Intelligence. (I picture him as looking quite a bit like Clark Gable.)


AGILITY d8, Boating d4, Driving d6, Fighting d6, Piloting d8, Shooting d6, Throwing d4

SMARTS d6, Notice d4, Repair d4, Streetwise d4, Survival d4

SPIRIT d8, Guts d6, Persuasion d6



Pace: 6”   Parry: 4   Toughness: 4 (5)   Charisma: 0

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Hindrances: Heroic

Advantages: Ace: +2 vehicles tests; Command: +1 to overcome shaken in followers; 1 Contact/adventure session; Rich: 3x starting

Weapons: S&W M1917 .45 Revolver 2d6+1 damage; Thompson M1928A1 .45 2d6+1 dam AUTO

Vehicle: Sikorsky S-38 Seaplane (seats 10 passengers)