First, have a network upgrade that drops customers’ phones on a regular basis so they have to go get their SIM cards reprogrammed or have the phone refresh the towers it’s looking for. Second, a month later, when the same issue recurs frequently — dropped calls, calls that don’t connect — inform the customer that “according to your contract, we’re not responsible for dropped calls in a building”. You know…like my house. Three, don’t bother to even try to find a way to satisfy the customer other than “buy a new phone…”

So I’m locked into a contract for this? Answer? No. I already made arrangements to go to Virgin Mobile. If I’m going to get crap service, I only want to pay $25 for it.

I’m going Browncoat on just about everything I can, these days — politics, economics, publishing, and my phone…it’s my money and vote they want. Time to earn it.