Alrighty…in an apparent attempt to appear more to have joined the MacBorg, I downloaded the new OSX Lion upgrade. First, the cost — $30. For all your Macs, not a crappy single machine license for $150+ depending on where you go for Windows 7. Maybe Redmond should take a friggin’ hint… Second, the upgrade process: no disk. You download it from the Mac App Store. Download took about 30 minutes without issue. The machine ran the upgrade with no loss of personal data (although I backed up my drive just in case…) in less than the estimated 33 minutes. No issues, other than some of your programs will run as if it’s the first time. Acrobat was particularly lagging.

The machine I’m using: a MacBook Air with 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM. The speed was a bit slow for the first 10-15 minutes, I suspect as Lion figured out where all the libraries were, connected file types to programs, etc. As stated, Acrobat was slow the first time. Glacial, actually. Word for Mac was a bit laggard the first go, as well, but was very fast on firing up and bringing up a file on my SD Card the second time. Pages loaded quickly and without issues. Twitter the same.

The changes made — the two-finger swipe to scroll is reversed to copy the iPad. It’s great once you’re used to it, but swear inducing for the first few minutes. Gone is the four-finger side to side swipe to bring up the menu of open programs. I would REALLY hate this if the Mission Control feature wasn’t so good: four finger swipe up brings up all the programs and files open and groups them by the program. Swapping is easy and quick. A four finger swipe down and whatever program you’re in shows all the open files, so you can swap if you’ve got a crowded desktop; there’s a recent files list at the bottom of the screen, if you need to reopen something. Now, if you have a bunch of stuff open full screen, you can swipe left to right through the windows.

Mail looks more like the iPad. Not a huge fan of the layout, but it’s acceptable. iCal looks like the iPad, as well, but putting together an event is much much easier…when showing events by the day or week, you can drag to change times, etc. In the month view, which is what I usually run, you used to have to set up an event, then get out of it to alter it. Now you can just two-finger click and do so. Easy. Better. It still has a habit of loading up doubles of events if they were created on your iPad or iPhone as well as on the computer. A merge function would be a good idea. (If there is one, I haven’t found it and would appreciate a heads-up…)

Slightly annoying: my user name is on the menu bar and I havne’t figured out how to get it off. I know who I am, thanks, Air. Otherwise, I’d have to say it looks good and I even seem to have recovered a gig of SSD space…maybe Lion’s tighter code than Snow Leopard?