Leonard “Leo” Parkes

Born 16 July 1966, Leo Parks is the son of a Boston fireman, Capt. Daniel Parkes and his wife Julia. He grew up in south Boston and in 1984 attended the University of Massachusetts at Boston for criminology with a minor in psychology. He graduated in 1988. He applied for several law enforcements positions: Boston PD, Massachusetts State Police, and on a whim, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was preparing for the BPD academy when he was surprised by his acceptance into Quantico, the FBI training school in January 1989. He did well in the courses, and excelled particularly in criminal profiling and interrogation techniques.

He was assigned to the Boston field office for his first two years and was instrumental in breaking a south Boston car theft ring, and a bringing down a mob boss that had been abusing his FBI informant status for nearly a decade. He also met and married Morgan Philips — a smart, head-strong Irish Catholic girl who worked as an accountant for Harvard University — in 1991. He was reassigned to the Denver office for two years, working on an interstate crack cocaine ring, but it was his pegging one of the suspects in that case to a string of grisly murders throughout the Midwest that brought him to the attention of John Douglas, the famed FBI profiler.

He was reassigned to the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, where he quickly showed himself to be a natural in the field. From 1995-1998, he and his partner Bob Morton investigated particularly gruesome crimes that involved elements of Catholic doctrine, and in 1998, he finally caught his man — Richard Evan Greaves. While interviewing Greaves, Leo could feel something “off” about the man and when he was found hung in his cell a few days later, Greaves always felt the scene was “wrong”…Greaves was not the sort of man to kill himself.

Then his wife and six-year old son, Jason were found dead in similar circumstances to Greaves’ victims.

Leo was a suspect in their murders for a few hours. His closeness to the case had made him edgy and unstable, but he also had an airtight alibi — he was debriefing a case at FBI HQ when the murders happened. He was never right again, slowly drifting into alcoholism and obsessive behavior concerning the case of his family’s murder (still unsolved.) He was able to perform his duties, but was increasingly erratic. He was one of the first FBI agents to respond to the Pentagon on 11 September, 2001 and was awarded for aiding in the rescue of survivors.

The last four years of his career saw him sidelined into research on cold cases, several of which he solved, but in 2005, his drinking and explosive temper put him in a position where Bob Morton — now the ASAC for NCAVC had a choice — fire him or retire him early. Recently, his father died of cancer and his mother is ill and living with his sister Laurie in Quincy, MA. He has several cousins who are firefighters and cops in Boston and New York City.

For five years, Leo has worked as a private investigator and occasionally gets a consultant gig for the Bureau through the NCVAC. He lives along the Chesapeake River in a big house, the same his family was killed in, still drives his old 1969 Mustang Fastback, and fights depression and paranoia every day with drink. His personal assistant Wanda is pretty much the only person that keeps his “skinny Irish ass” in line, when she can.

The other reason he drinks — he sees ghosts, of those he couldn’t help, tried to help, and worst of all, his son. These spirits taunt him when he’s weak, prop him up when they can, and occasionally provide aid. But they are driving him to drink and the edge of insanity. He sees them because of his sensitivity, his mild ESP that is what made him such a fantastic detective — he can feel when people aren’t truthful, can get flashes of intuition about their thoughts, memories, etc.

Parkes is tall, skinny, blond and rough-looking. (Think Denis Leary.)

Agility d6   Strength d8   Vitality d8   Alertness d10   Intelligence d10   Willpower d6

Life Points 14   Initiative d6+d10   Endurance d8+d6   Resistance 2d8

Assets: Contact, Law Enforcement d4; ESP d4, Reputation d4, Spirit Guide d8, Talented Investigator (adds to Perception/Investigation and Influence/Interrogation) d4

Complications: Addiction, alcohol d8; Anger Issues d2, Infamy d4, Obsessed d8, Personal Haunting d8

Skills: Athletics d6, Covert d6, Discipline d4, Drive d6, Guns d6 (Pistols d8), Influence d6 (Interrogation d8), Knowledge d4, Melee Weapons d6, Perception d6, Science d4, Survival d2, Unarmed Combat d6

Preferred Weapon: S&W 1076 10mm (Dam: d8W [d6W w/ stand. FBI load), Ammo: 9, Range: 50′)