A quick AAR on the Supernatural campaign “pilot”, thus far: The new priest character/exorcist apprentice is intro’d. He’s working for the local archbishop to keep their hand in the investigation. He’s an orphan who’s father sacrificed his mother at the kitchen table in front of him, then had black smoke billow out of his mouth. Distraught at what he’d done, he kills himself. This guy believes.

The second night saw a bit more focus on the investigation of who the werewolves might be, and most importantly, if there was a way to handle them other than a silver bullet. The wife’s character, the team archivist and archeologist, went digging about to find more on the werewolf legends — apparently, this game must have caught her imagination, because she’s doing a ton of real research: the different lycanthropy myths, from the biblical, to differing cultures. We’ve established there was some form of exorcism rite from the 15oos that might work, that the original “patient zero” was most likely cursed, bu the rest are infected in some way that might be biological…could there be a scientific cure? There are stories of lycanthropy being a test from God, or some were instruments of the same, wiping out demons…could the original werewolf being doing just that?

The characters have finally all met, and to get the creepy factor up, I’ve been having the ex-FBI agent experiencing more ghostly visions. He’s seeing his son from time to time, and in the first big meeting with the priests investigating, he sees them being observed by all the victims of the werewolves (at this point he thinks it’s still some kind of Charles Manson-like cult thing…) He’s trigged he’s supposed to work with them and the spring the werewolf thing on him. He sees ghosts…this ain’t a stretch.

They’ve started interviewing people and think the latest two survivors might know what’s going on; the female might even be embracing her new nature. They also noticed her injuries — which were severe enough she should still be scarred and need PT are gone. There’s a few more to interview and then they have to figure out what to do…they’ve got one more night before the first full moon of the month.

9/11 and the WTC still playing a big subtext, especially as most of the FBI guy’s aid is tasked to help with the 9/11 protection details and investigating terror threats. I might try for a chase sequence in the memorial near the reflecting pools.

More later…