We finished the Supernatural pilot tonight. Overall, the game went well — the first night was a blend of humor and creepy, the second night was more of a setup/investigation night, the last a wild, almost pulp-style series of action sequences in and around Central Park.

The characters were having some trouble, as by this time, they’d been up for almost 24 hours and fatigue was making them sloppy. The apprentice priest got slapped around by one of the werewolves and knocked cold (the player was out tonight), the former FBI man got knocked about and found out the hard way his 10mm S&W 1076 wasn’t doing much to the hairy buggers. They had a chase and showdown in Central Park in the pre-dawn hours, then tracked “Werewolf 0” — the one that started it all — to a pump house along the reservoir and captured him just as the sun came up and turned him human, then exorcised him.

The players responded that they had all enjoyed the game and were interested in doing more, so that’s a successful night, I think… Going to have to work on the creepy and the darker tones of the setting — we’re a humorous lot and that occasionally overwhelms the horror aspect.