(This all started with a superb joke name Greg Gutfeld used on Red Eye…)

Born 6 September 1906, Trapp Sommers is the first of two sons to Stone Sommers and his wfie Delilah. His father was an adventurer of note: big game hunter (where he met his wife, a South African [English]woman), gunslinger in the American Southwest, a captain in Teddy Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders” and a major in the US Marines during WWI.

Trapp grew up in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico as a boy before the family moved to New Jersey thanks to a lucky strike hand of poker that won his dad an oil deed in Texas. He schooled at Columbia University from 1925-1929. Most of his father’s investments went belly up in the Great Depression and his parents headed out to cheaper parts — namely Capetown, South Africa.

Trapp left Columbia with few prospects during the early days of the Depression. He started off as a G-man with the Bureau of Alcohol and earned a reputation as a tough, fair lawman (meaning he was only slightly bent.) When Prohibition ended in 1933, Sommers hung up his federal shield and took to the road as a hunter, mercenary, and pilot for hire. He’s put together a crew of rough & ready men — the Foreign Volunteer Force, or “Sky Rats” –and most recently has been flying supplies, training pilots, and fighting for the Chinese nationalist government.

ATTRIBUTES: Body 3, Dexterity 3, Strength 3, Charisma 3, Intelligence 3, Willpower 3

Secondary Attributes: Size 0, Move 6, Perception 6, Initiative 6, Defense 6, Stun 3, Health 6, Style 5

RESOURCES & TRAITS: Allies 2: Kuomintang, Green Gang; Charismatic, Mooks 3, Rank 3: Wing Commander, Wealth 2: $500/mo.

FLAWS: Callous, Danger Magnet, Overconfident

SKILLS: Athletics 2 (5), Brawl 3 (6) [Haymaker 7], Bureaucracy 2 (5), Con 2 (5), Diplomacy 2 (5) [Leadership 6], Drive 2 (5), Firearms 2 (5), Gambling 1 (4), Intimidation 2 (5), Investigation 3 (6), Larceny 2 (5), Linguistics 1 (4), Pilot/Airplane 3 (6), Stealth 2 (5), Streetwise 3 (6), Warfare 1 (4) [Aerial 5]

LANGUAGES: English (native), Mandarin

The self-styled “Colonel” Sommers usually carries a Colt 1911A1 .45 pistol, and has been known to take a Lewis .303 Gun with him when things get dicey.