Joe Sullivan is the son of an Irish soldier that served in the British Army during WWI, as a pilot. He taught his son to fly after the war, and together they flew mail, flying circuses, anything that could make them money. Drawn by the allure of war, Joe began flying as a mercenary pilot in 1930 — first flying for the French in Morocco, then protecting airliners during the Colombia-Peru war in 1932-33. Bolivia paid him and a small crew of mercenaries (including his loyal mechanic/inventor Dexter Dearborn) to fight the Paraguayan forces in the Chaco War.

He was hired on with his crew as part of the Foreign Volunteer Force aiding the Chinese against the Japanese aggression in 1935, joining up with the American Volunteers under “Colonel” Trapp Sommers to form a group informally known as “the Sky Rats.” (From a statement by the Japanese air commander, “These foreigners are like rats — they are everywhere and no matter how many you kill…there are more!”) His callsign and nickname: Sky Captain.

Joe tends to dress in military fashion: khakis and flying jackets, and he carries a Webley-Green Mk V .455 revolver.

ATTRIBUTES: Body 3, Dexterity 3, Strength 3, Charisma 3, Intelligence 3, Willpower 3

Secondary Attributes: Size 0, Move 6, Perception 6, Initiative 6, Defense 6, Stun 3, Health 6, Style 5

RESOURCES & TRAITS: Allies 2: Sky Rats; attractive, Connections 2: KMT, Rank 1: Captain, Lucky, Skill Aptitude, Pilot +2

FLAWS: Danger Magnet, Sucker for a Dame, Weirdness Magnet

SKILLS: Athletics 3(6), Brawl 2 (5), Bureaucracy 2 (5), Craft, Mechanics 1 (4), Drive 2 (5), Firearms 3 (6) Gambling 2 (5), Gunnery 1 (4), Investigation 1 (4), Linguistics 3 (6), Melee 1 (4), Pilot, Aircraft 4 (9), Stealth 1 (4), Streetwise 1 (4), Survival 1 (4), Warfare 2 (5)

LANGUAGES: English (native), Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish