Malcolm was born in Mississippi around the turn of the century. He worked as a field hand, then moved north to Chicago to find work. When the Great War broke out, he volunteered for the Lafayette Escadrille and flew for France. When the Americans in the unit were rolled into the Army Air Corps, Washington was relegated to cook once more. He stayed in Europe, flew the mails and some air shows, then made his way to Africa as a contract bush pilot. Later he turned up in Shanghai and was taken on by Trapp Sommers as a flight lieutenant in the Sky Rats.

He is probably the best pilot of the bunch, and easily has the most experience of them all, and he flies with a reckless abandon that impresses and scares his fellow Sky Rats. The mechanics hate him, as he always brings his birds home with damage — half the time from his crazy-ass stunts! He is treated with disdain by Injun Joe Malloy, but Trapp and Jake Cutter treat him as an equal.

Archetype: Soldier   Motivation: Escape

ATTRIBUTES: Body 3, Dexterity 4, Strength 2, Charisma 2, Intelligence 2, Willpower 3

Secondary Attributes: Size 0, Move 6, Perception 5, Initiative: 6, Defense: 7, Stun 3, Health 6

RESOURCES & TRAITS: Agile, Reckless Driver/Pilot, Wheelman

FLAWS: Impulsive, Something to Prove, Thrillseeker

SKILLS: Athletics 2 (4), Brawl 3 (5), Con 2 (4), Craft, Mechanic 2 (4), Firearms 2 (6), Gunnery 3 (5), Pilot, Aircraft 3 (7), Stealth 1 (5), Streetwise 2 (4), Survival 1 (3), Warfare 2 (4)