Our Battlestar Galactica campaign has been on hiatus while we power through a very amusing Hollow Earth Expedition game, but soon we’ll be rotating back to BSG. For one of the adventures I put together I start fleshing out the Colonies with loads of background tidbits — sort of narrative greebles (the SFX slang for the loads of stuff on models to give them a sense of scale.)

Our Sagittaron is the site of an ancient set of ruins outside the city of Parises (originally I was going to call it Petra.) The ruins are well known to the locals, but they aren’t talked about and have never had an archeological expedition explore them due to the religious proscriptions of the Sagittarons. In the mission, the characters learn the carbon dating suggest the site is thousands of years older than the Colonies’ settlement — are they wrong? Is this the birth place of Mankind? Or have humans colonized these worlds over and over again across time?

Tauron transportation authorities frequently “false flag” vessels, much like Liberia today — giving them “legitimate” letters of ownership, etc. Smugglers, terrorists — often their vessels fly the Tauron flag.

Virgon’s royal family still exists and are titular heads of the government, but are nothing more than figureheads. The aristocracy isn’t as powerful as they once were, save for the ones that have managed to maintain their fortunes.

Colonial shipping have specific areas — bullpens — which the various shipping companies use for their jumps between the stars in Colonial space. This is to prevent vessels from jumping on top of each other. These bullpens are chartered from the Colonial government (and before that were governed by the various Colonies’ orbital traffic control.) These bullpens are usually a few hours travel from the various worlds to prevent accidents. Colonial Fleet bullpens are usually closer to the worlds. The schedules of bullpen use are leased out to other vessels.