I’ve been trying to get a bit more material up the last few days for the blog. Expect a bit of a lag over the next few weeks, as I’m going to be having some surgery done. Dissertation work is proceeding apace, and I am starting work on a couple of novels — a modern mystery/western and a retelling of the Hercules myth (a quasi-sequel to Perseus.) Even with this added work load, I should be able to punch out some more content for the next few months.

One reason is my work with Cubicle 7 has come to an end, even though I was originally going to be working on the next few books of the Victoriana line — unfortunately, while they are a delight to work with for content creation, it’s been over two months since I handed in my material and I’ve yet to be paid. While I understand they have a top-level shake-up going on, a sure way to lose your talent is to not pay them in a timely manner. They’ve been advertising for artists and writers, but I would not recommend them as an employer — I stopped working for them three years ago because they wouldn’t pay; I was coaxed back because I enjoy working with the current line editor, but it’s a simple thing “I do the job…then I get paid.”

I’ve also been picked up as a history professor at the University of Phoenix at their Albuquerque campus and should be starting in March.

All this on top of taking care of a soon-to-be eight month old. What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment.