As most Battlestar Galactica RPG fans know by now, Quantum Mechanix has done a superb map of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol (I just got mine framed, along with my map of the ‘Verse by the same bunch, for Christmas.) Now the cannon thumpers can agree or no on the map — there’s plenty of people who prefer the one star with 12 habitable planets model, others that like a dual sun, trianary, or the four-star version (QM’s)…but whichever way you go, here’s  something I think is essential to note:

The Colonies’ star system is unusual. And being a star-faring race, they would have done enough exploring the local space around the Cyrranus system to know this. 12 habitable worlds around one star shouldn’t happen. Four stars with multiple planets each in perfect barycentric harmony should not exist. This should be part of the Colonial religious and scientific thinking: the Colonies was blessed with a set-up that is obviously of supra- or supernatural origin. (Especially in light of the cosmology of the RDM version.) For the colonies, their worlds are a gift, perhaps found, perhaps made by the Lords of Kobol. Their exodus to the colonies should seem almost a fait d’accomply…hence their history of a 2000 year development post-exodus unquestioned.

The universe, to the Colonials, seems custom built to their cosmology…and maybe it was.