Last week saw the return of our Battlestar Galactica RPG campaign. The first two episodes dealt with the mysterious disappearance of the personnel of a listening station on the Armistice Line, the second was a secret recon to a star system on the other side of the line, where they learned the toasters haven’t gone away…they’re still lurking around out there.

The third episode saw the introduction of two new PCs, Master Chief Ajax Giadis and the MARDET/intelligence officer, young LT Maia Carina. The episode opened with standard combat training exercises, where the command staff was getting a chance to work the crew up to heightened standards, as they are aware of the Cylon issue. They get an order packet from PIcon HQ ordering them to Sagittaron to protect the personnel of an important archeological dig. The dig, on the dry lakebed outside a major city holds the remains of a city that appear to be 10,000 or more years old…long before the historical settlement of the Colonies.

A terrorist grou, the Soldiers of Kobol, has injured one of the graduate students in an attack in the nearby city of Paresis – that victim the daughter of a major supporter of President Adar. The 21 people of the dig have been threatened and there have been called from the SoK and other groups to jail the scientists for blasphemy, and their findings suppressed.

The mission is two fold: the commander is to salve the local politicians feelings over military action on their world, and protect the find and personnel for the two weeks until their funding expires and they return to the University of Leonis.

No way this can go wrong…